Audix T-50K

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The T50-k is a professional impedance matching transfomer that allows a low impedance microphone (100-600 Ohms) to be connected to a high impedance input (10k-50k Ohms).

A typical application for the T-50k would be if one wanted to plug a low impedance microphone directly into the high impedance input of a guitar amplifier for either vocals or harmonica

In this case, one would plug the XLR-male connector of the microphone cable directly into the XLR-femal connector of the T-50k. The 1/4" connector of the T50-k would then plug directly into the input of the guitar amplifier.

The T50-k may be used with long microphone cable helping to prevent loss of signal, degradation of frequency response, and extraneous hum or noise.


  • T50-k Transformer


  • Harmonica
  • Vocals


  • Rugged, Road Worthy Construction
  • Long-Life Gold Plated Connectors
  • 7MM Rubber Jacketed Cable Interface
  • Heavy Duty Strain Relief


  • Frequency Response:...20Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance:...(Low Impedance Side)600 Ohms ±15% @ 1kHz 1V
  • Impedance:...(High Impedance Side)50,000 Ohms ±15% @ 1kHz 1V
  • DC Resistance:...(Low Impedance Side)155 Ohms ± 10%
  • DC Resistance:...(High Impedance Side)2250 Ohms ±10%
  • Voltage Ratio @1kHz 1V:...Low Z to High Z...+17.5dB
  • Voltage Ratio @1kHz 1V:...High Z to Low Z...-17.7dB

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