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Stedman Proscreen XL Pop Filter

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The Stedman Proscreen XL is an advanced patented pop filter design that offers a large 6 inch diameter screen with an ultra-fine rubber surround that does not interfere with vocal recording sound quality. Setup is easier with its extended clamp and a 13 inch heavy duty adjustable gooseneck.

The Proscreen pop filter is far more effective than fabric filters. Instead of simply diffusing bursts, the Proscreen redirects airflow downward away from the microphone capsule. Even close vocal work will not allow popping “P’s” or “B’s” to reach the microphone. The large openings in the metal screen allow vocal sound to pass through to the microphone unobstructed and uncolored, preserving critical recorded detail.

The Proscreen XL is a professional high quality pop filter that will provide excellent burst prevention for music vocal tracks and voice over recording applications.


  • Stedman Proscreen XL


  • Home Recording
  • Studio Recording
  • Live Performance


  • NO MORE CLIPPED TRACKS with the Proscreen vocal pop filter in place, recording engineers can maximize recording levels without the risk of clipping caused by bursts.
  • NO MORE GERMS In addition to its sonic advantages, the Stedman Proscreen pop filter can be washed between sessions.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY is included with the Stedman Proscreen XL and all Stedman products.
  • MADE IN THE USA from the finest materials. Made in the USA means we can control all aspects the quality during the manufacturing process of each pop filter.


  • Length:......................26.5"
  • Screen Diameter:.............6"
  • Weight:......................10oz
  • Clamp Range:..................39" - .925"

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