Sale MXL A-5t Dynamic Drum Microphone

MXL A-5t Dynamic Drum Microphone

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Toms Dynamic Drum Microphone

The MXL A-5t Tom Drum Microphone captures every beat from your toms clearly and without low-end distortion. The A-5t is a high-SPL cardioid mic with excellent ambient rejection. The A-5t has a warmth and punch that complements toms and captures distinct notes for a clear, articulated sound. The A-5t is built with a durable all-metal body and includes an adjustable, pivoting rim mount.

  • High SPL cardioid microphone with warmth and punch
  • Designed to capture drums and percussion without low end distortion
  • All metal body protects against impact and noise
  • Pivoting rim-mount holder included

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