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117 S 5th St,

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Mon - Fri 11:30am - 5pm

Sat 10am - 2pm

Closed Sundays

Launchpad Mini MK3 Tascam TM-80 US1x2 M-Audio Mini32 MK3 Pro Bundle


Bundle Includes:

  • M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 MK3 Midi Keyboard
  • Novation Launchpad Mini MK3
  • Tascam US 1x2 with DAW software
  • Samson SR350 Closed Back Studio Headphones
  • Tascam TM-80 Condenser Microphone with Desk Stand, Shockmount &6' XLR
Tascam US-1x2

The US-1x2 from TASCAM is a 2-in/2-out audio interface with the most compact body among US series. With this model you can fine-select IN/OUT with high audio quality, all within the compact body of this unit. These qualities make it great for RCA line input and output as well as mic/guitar direct input. Among the TASCAM audio interface series, the most simple and compact-designed model for music production is the US-1x2. The iXR, which utilized with the Apple iPad for music production, the US-366 which built with an emphasis on multi-functionality and diversity, and then there is the MiNiSTUDIO series that specializes on the online broadcast.

The US-1x2/US-2x2/US-4x4 is a streamlined product that has been designed to meet requirements for musicians who want to start recording on their computers. This is an audio interface where you can enjoy professional sound quality without specialist knowledge of recording equipment. All in all, The US-1x2 is also the most basic but perfect model designed for users who only requires one mic or uses playback mix like EDM music.

The most important feature is the low noise Ultra-HDDA microphone pre-amplifiers which enhance the microphone signals. Regardless of the condenser or dynamic microphone you are using, you can record with high-quality sound at the correct input level. The addional features are selected by specialists, it allows the simple usability and is dedicated to musicians for their music productions. So even if you are new to an audio interface, you still can start your music production with high sound quality right away.

As well as great input capacity, it has same concept audio circuit as the upper range models which reachs up to 100 dB of S/N ratio. The US-1x2 is more than versatile enough to handle not only for music listening but also music recording, monitoring, and archiving, with cristal-clear sound quality. If you want to use an audio interface, with a computer connection and optimum settings, you need to update your firmware and driver constantly. The US-1x2 dedicated software has Information Window function/automatic updating that enables you to confirm the latest updates and offers a automatic installation for you. It is no longer necessary to check the latest updates manually.

Other than sound quality, the simplicity of design on the US-1x2 is also relavant for home recording musicians. It is designed by Axel Hartman, an famous synsesizer designer. An design concept that combines functionality and the looks will surely inspires creativity on the desktop. For any musician who wants to start a recording right away. We have the solution for you. There is DAW software bundled in the product for music production. You can start your music production immediately without paying extras for a DAW to start.

  • Ultra-HDDA (High Definition Discrete Architecture) mic preamps with -125dBu EIN
  • Up to 96kHz/24-bit recording
  • Support for Windows and Macintosh
  • USB 2.0 computer connection
  • Connect with iPads and other iOS devices
  • +48V phantom power for all inputs
  • High-impedance input available
  • Input level specifications boast a range of 57 dB forusing dynamic mics
  • Direct monitoring function for zero-latency monitoring
  • Tough all-metal casing for durability
  • Angled design provides excellent usability on a desktop
  • Balanced analog RCA stereo line output jacks suitable for connection to powered monitors
  • Standard TRS headphones output jack
  • Separate controls for line and headphones output volumes
  • Input sound monitoring can be set to stereo or mono
  • Input muting function eliminates noise from unused inputs
  • Information window function with the latest information
  • Automatic update and automatic installation function to update the software and firmware automatically
  • USB class compliant 2.0 support
  • DAW License card included
  • Confirmed operation with major DAW software(SONAR,ProTools, Cubase, Live, Studio One, Garage Band)
  • USB bus-powered for mobile recording
  • RoHS supported
  • Sampling frequency: 44.1k/48k/88.2k/96kHz
  • Quantization bit rate: 16/24bit
  • Analog audio inputs:
    • MIC IN (IN 1):
      • Connector: XLR-3-31(1:GND, 2:HOT, 3:COLD), BALANCED
      • Input impedance: 2.4kΩ
    • Nominal input level:
      • GAIN:MAX -65dBu (0.0004Vrms)
      • GAIN:MIN -8dBu (0.3090Vrms)
    • Maximum input level: +8dBu (1.9467Vrms)
    • Gain: 57dB
  • LINE/INST IN (IN 2):
    • LINE IN:
      • Connector: 6.3mm (1/4") TRS-jack (T:HOT, R:COLD, S:GND), BALANCED (* When set to "LINE" at LINE/INST switch)
      • Input impedance: 10kΩ
      • Nominal input level:
      • GAIN:MAX -41dBu(0.0069Vrms)
      • GAIN:MIN +4dBu(1.228Vrms)
    • Maximum input level: +20dBu(7.75Vrms)
    • Gain: 57dB
  • INST IN:
    • Connector: 6.3mm(1/4") TS-jack(T:HOT, S:GND), UNBALANCED (* When set to "INST" at LINE/INST switch)
    • Input impedance: 1MΩ
    • Nominal input level:
      • GAIN:MAX -58dBV(0.0013Vrms)
      • GAIN:MIN -13dBV(0.2239Vrms)
    • Maximum input level: +3dBV(1.1425Vrms)
    • Gain: 57dB
  • LINE L/R IN:
    • Connector: RCA pin-jack, UNBALANCED
    • Input impedance: 10kΩ
    • Maximum input level: +6dBV(1.9953Vrms)
  • Analog audio outputs:
    • LINE OUT:
      • Connector: RCA pin-jack, UNBALANCED
      • Output impedance: 100Ω
      • Maximum output level: +6dBV (1.995Vrms)
    • PHONES:
      • Connector: 6.3mm(1/4") stereo phone jack
      • Maximum output level: 18mW+18mW or more (THD+N 0.1% or less, 32ohms loaded)
    • Control IN / OUT: USB:
    • Connector: USB B type 4-pin
    • Format: USB2.0 HIGH SPEED
    • DC IN 5V:
    • Connector: USB Micro B type
  • Power:
    • When connected PC: USB bus powered
    • When connected iOS: AC Adapter (TASCAM PS-P520, sold separately)
    • Power consumption: 2.5W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 5.74 x 2.17 x 4.72 in (146 ×55 × 120mm)
  • Weight: 1.37lbs (623g)
  • Operating temperature: 41 to 95°F (5 to 35°C)
  • Accessories: USB cable (1.5m), Installation manual, User's manual, warranty card
  • Audio performance:
    • Frequency response:
      • IN 1/IN 2 to LINE OUT L-R:
      • 44.1k/48k Hz: 20Hz to 20kHz, +0dB/-0.5dB(JEITA)
      • 88.2k/96k Hz: 20Hz to 40kHz, +0dB/-1.0dB(JEITA)
    • PHONES:
      • 44.1k/48k Hz: 20Hz to 20kHz, +0dB/-1.0dB(JEITA)
      • 88.2k/96k Hz: 20Hz to 40kHz, +0dB/-3.0dB(JEITA)
    • THD: 0.006% or less
    • S/N ratio: 100dB or more
    • Crosstalk: 95dB or more
    • EIN: -127dBu or less
  • Computer system requirements:
    • Windows:
      • Compatible computers: Windows-compatible computer with a USB 2.0 port
      • CPU type/speed: Dual core/2GHz or more(x86)
      • Memory: 2GB or more
      • DRIVER: ASIO2.0, WDM
    • Mac:
      • Compatible computers: Mac with a USB 2.0 port
      • CPU type/speed: Dual core/2GHz or more(x86)
      • Memory: 2GB or more
      • DRIVER: Core Audio
    • iOS:
    • DRIVER: Core Audio for iPhone
  • Supported Os' (PC):
    • Windows:
      • Windows 10 (November Update) , Windows 8.1 , Windows 8 , Windows 7
    • Mac:
      • macOS Sierra? (10.12) , OS X El Capitan (10.11) , OS X Yosemite (10.10)
    • iOS:
    • iOS 10 , iOS 9 , iOS 8 , iOS 7

M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 MK3

Simple Software Control

Start creating and performing music with your Mac or PC with the world’s best-selling keyboard controllers: The Keystation Series from M-Audio.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for just the right controller when you’re on the go or you’re looking to get started with the right mini USB MIDI controller, the Keystation Mini 32 MK3 is for you! It’s a simple, powerful MIDI controller designed for sequencing music and playing virtual instruments on your Mac or PC. Keystation Mini 32 MK3 features 32 natural-feeling mini-size velocity-sensitive keys and comprehensive controls that expand the range of playable notes and enhance your expressive possibilities.

With Keystation Mini 32 MK3, maximizing your creativity while minimizing the complication is easy. Use the fully-assignable octave range buttons, volume knob and dedicated pitch-bend and modulation buttons to play and perform with your music software. Keystation Mini 32 MK3 also features a sustain button for genuine piano sustain.

Mobile Music-Making

Lightweight and mobile, Keystation Mini 32 MK3 is perfect for traveling musicians who want to take command of music software during live performances or for producers who want to add an easy-to-use MIDI controller with a small footprint to their studio. For a simple portable setup, Keystation Mini 32 is USB-powered, class-compliant and supports USB-MIDI connectivity. Plus, Keystation Mini 32 MK3 supports iOS connectivity with the Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (sold separately), enabling you to perform and compose with audio apps on your iPad and other iOS devices.

Included Software

Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition is included with the Keystation Mini 32 MK3. Pro Tools is the industry standard for recording software and the teams at M-Audio and AVID have crafted a version of this terrific collection specifically tailored for M-Audio hardware. This amazing audio and MIDI recording software helps inspire any artist, musician or singer-songwriter to create, record and share all their ideas across the world at any time.

Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition features Unlimited Busses, Elastic Time and Elastic Pitch, Offline Bounce and 1 GB of free cloud storage space for collaboration or accessing your projects from any computer anywhere that is connected to the internet, plus compatibility with all the included AIR Music Tech Virtual Instruments.

This truly amazing software recording package is primed to get your ideas out of your imagination and amplified into the world. Enjoy!

AIR Music’s Xpand!2 is a multitimbral workstation offering four active sound slots, or parts, per patch. Each part is provided with its own MIDI channel, Note Range (Zone), Mix, Arpeggiation, Modulation, and Effects settings—an excellent method for creating individual parts. Harnessing the four parts together to build one amazing Patch is where Xpand!2 reveals its true power. Using everything from wavetables and FM synthesis to sample playback, the expert sound design team at Air Music Tech has carefully created thousands of ready-to-play Xpand!2 patches.


  • 32 low-profile, velocity-sensitive mini keys
  • Selectable velocity curves match any playing style
  • Pitch bend and modulation buttons add expression
  • Octave up and down buttons for extended keyboard range
  • Volume knob delivers smooth control
  • Sustain button enhances performance
  • Edit Mode button provides access to advanced functions
  • USB power and data offer single-cable convenience
  • Includes Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition performance/recording software/DAW
  • Includes AIR Music Tech Xpand!2 multitimbral all-in-one workstation
  • Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition
  • AIR Music Technology Xpand!2
  • Power: via USB
  • Dimensions: 16.46" x 4.13" x 0.78" (418 x 105 x 198 mm
  • Weight: 1 lb (0.45kg)


  • Minimum System Requirements:
  • macOS: Intel® Mac with Mac OS X 10.11 2GB RAM (4GB Recommended)
  • PC: PC with Windows 7 (Service Pack 1); Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz Processor; 2GB RAM (4GB Recommended)
  • Consult for current software system requirements

Tascam TM-80

  • Tascam TM-80 Condenser Microphone
  • Six-foot XLR cable
  • Elastic shockmount to reduce rumble and noise during recording
  • Mini Desk Stand
  • Microphone capsule assembly features an 18mm pure aluminum diaphragm
  • Cardioid polar pattern


  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Sensitivity: -38dB +/-2dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)
  • Phantom power requirement: 9 - 48V DC
  • Output impedance: 200ohm +/-30% (at 1kHz)
  • Load impedance: >1k ohm
  • Max SPL: 136dB (at 1kHz=1% THD)
  • S/N ratio: 77dB
  • Housing: Die cast zinc
  • Dimensions (W×H×D): 48mm×165mm×48mm / 1.9 inch×6.5 inch×1.9 inch

The 3rd Generation of the Launchpad Mini

Novation’s most compact and portable 64 RGB pad MIDI grid controller. Everything you need to start performing with Ableton Live, and you can take it with you so you can start making tracks wherever you are, using the huge library of sounds already in the box.

Better and Brighter

Full RGB colors match your Ableton Live clips and scenes. Seamless integration so you can spend more time launching and less time clicking a mouse.

Easy Set Up

Once you’ve plugged in your Launchpad Mini MK3, you’ll be brought to the Easy Start tool with a step-by-step video guide so you can download all the software you need or want and start making music in minutes.

Software Compatibility:

•Ableton Live 10 Lite is included

*If you already have Ableton Live, it must be version 10 or greater to work with Launchpad Mini MK3. We recommend that you update to the latest version as previous versions of Ableton Live do not include the Launchpad Mini MK3 integration for InControl. Launchpad Mini MK3 will also work as a standard MIDI controller.

Included Software

  • •Ableton Live Lite: Quickly organize and arrange your sounds and start making tracks with this staple of electronic-music-making software.
  • •Two months Splice Sounds membership: offering millions of high-quality, royalty-free one-shots, loops, and presets, with new releases daily.
  • •AAS Session Bundle: Three synths for music makers, providing staple sounds for your tracks.
  • •XLN Addictive Keys: Access one of four virtual keyboards when you register your first piece of Novation or Focusrite hardware.
  • •Klevgrand ROVerb and DAW Cassette: High-quality reverb and tape deck emulation plug-ins, to add some space or take your sound back to the golden age of cassette tapes.
  • •Softube Time and Tone bundle: Made up of four of Softube’s world-class plug-ins: reverb, delay, and easy to use mastering tool and distortion.
  • •Sound Collective: Bringing Novation hardware owners a new free plug-in every few months.
  • Product:
  • •64 Pads
  • •16 Buttons
  • •81 RGB LEDs
  • •USB-C Socket
  • •Kensington MiniSaver Slot
  • Power Requirements:
  • •USB bus powered
  • Product Dimensions:
  • •180mm length x 180mm depth x 14.2mm height