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Audix D-Clamp

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Percussion-mount mic holder for drums.

The D-clamp is a low profile, simple-to-use mounting system that eliminates the need for bulky mic stands. Easily operated, the D-Clamp is provided with a standard 5/8” thread adapter which allows ant mic to be used by just simply changing the clip. 

The MC2 clip provided fits Audix D series microphones. The D-Clamp works on most tension rods associated with hand percussion instruments (such as congas and bongos) as well as standard 9.5mm and 10.5mm knurled rods found on tom and percussion mounts. It provides a nice clean look especially when used with the Audix right angle XLR mic cable. 

The D-Clamp can also be used with the Audix Micro-D small condenser mic by simply replacing the D-Clamps gooseneck with the Micro-D gooseneck. The allows the Micro-D to be used in tight spaces (congas, timbales, bongos), where a larger dynamic mic may be hard to position.


  • Audix D-Clamp
  • Audix D-Clip now included!


  • Works on most tension rods associated with hand percussion instruments (such as bongos and congas)
  • Fits standard 9.5mm and 10.5 mm knurled rods found on many tom and percussion mounts


  • Standard 5/8" adapter allows use of any standard mic clip
  • Small flexible gooseneck allows easy positioning
  • Eliminates need for additional mic stands


  • Finish: ...Black
  • Length:...Approx. 6"
  • Weight:...3 oz

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