The Mic Cave

It's over 30 years since I started in the sound industry. I used to work in a studio that had a mint condition RCA 44DX, and I wanted that microphone. The sound was like no other mic I had ever heard. I'm not sure what ever happened to that mic, but it started an interest in old mics that persists to this day. I have collected microphones for all these years. One day recently Dave was asking about all the old mics I keep telling him I have stuffed in boxes in my basement.

My lovely wife is always supportive of me pulling things out of the basement... so long as they also leave the house. So what I propose to do here is to dig through boxes, trunks and bags in my basement and bring those mics in to the office. I will post pictures and as much background information as I can muster. I will keep adding more pictures as time allows.

I hope you enjoy these mics as much as I do.


Phil Miller

Electro Voice V1 Ribbon Microphone         

 Electro Voice V1

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