Reviewing CAD's new MH510 Headset

SPOILER ALERT... we love these new headsets! I would recommend you waist no time and just click the order link below. If you want a more in-depth review that's ok with us, but seriously just order the headsets and then come back to read the review while you wait for them to arrive!

MightyMics has been a CAD Audio dealer for years, and we have grown to appreciate the products offered by CAD Audio, and the incredible value they offer.  We've been listening to the guys at CAD Audio for months as they promised us a new breakthrough in their product line with the Sessions MH510 headset.

So we were excited to pop open the box and see how they had done with this new line. The Packaging is a nice upgrade from their typical spartan approach. The full color box and window is a nice feature that allows the customer to see the obvious quality of the product inside. 

As soon as I pulled them from the box, I was impressed. I had try them with a song I am familiar with so I popped up a little Mumford and Sons. These are a major upgrade from their previous headset offerings. The vocals were crisp and clean, and the bass line offered a tight punch. They sit very comfortably and securely on my head and provide enough isolation that I can really crank the volume without offending Dave at the next desk. (An additional benefit is that they are loud enough that even though I can see his lips moving, I have no idea what he is saying.)

I will share further impressions as these units break-in, for now I am just super impressed and think that at $99.99 they offer a great music experience.

- Phil

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