Hot Wires

Hot Wires 14 Gauge Speaker Cable 1/4"-1/4"

Hot Wire speaker cables provide high power connections for distances of up to 50 feet. They feature 1/4"-1/4" connectors and 14AWG wire. They are ideal for instrument amplifiers and PA systems.
  • QTR-QTR metal connectors
  • 14AWG wires

Hot Wires Microphone Cables

Professional balanced cables with nickel plated male XLR to female XLR connectors for durability. Available in seven popular lengths, our Lo-Z Microphone Cables are flexible, durable, and have a black jacket. The 20’ and 25’ cables are also available in a Hi-Z model, with XLR-QTR connector ends. All models include a Velcro strap!


  • XLR to XLR Cable
  • Velcro Strap


  • Stage
  • Studio
  • Home Recording


  • All Hot Wires® Cables carry a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Flexible Black Jacket

Hot Wire Speaker Cables Speakon-Speakon

Twist-lock Speakon®connectors are quickly becoming the standard pro audio connection at all levels.

These Hot Wires cables use authentic Neutrik®NL2FC connectors to terminate 14-guage wires for use with high-power speakers and amplifiers.

Hook-and-loop cable-tie included.


Hi-Z Microphone Cable (20', XLR-QTR)

20 foot microphone cable with 3 pin XLR to 2 Conductor 1/4" connector. 

Hot Wires Hi-Z microphone Cables are professional balanced cables with durable with nickel plated XLR-to-1/4 inch connector ends.

All models ship in Hot Wires eye-catching 4-color packaging and with a Velcro strap!


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