Aquila New Nylgut Series Strings

The New Nylgut® is the first product developed and patented by Aquila. The New Nylgut® is neither common Nylon, nor Carbon (Fluocarbon fishing line or PVDF), or a mix of them. It is a plastic compound of three different components

Compared to Nylon, the New Nylgut® produces a better sound and stays in tune better because the moisture absorption is less of .1% against the 2.0% of Nylon normally employed for the musical strings (i.e. Du Pont Tynex® polyammide 6-12).

Due to the higher density, similar to that of pure gut (1.30 gr/cm3), the New Nylgut® produces a better sound than Nylon and it is not so metallic like those of the so- called ‘Carbon’ (Fluorocarbon) PVDF strings. The manufacturer believes the New Nylgut® is probably the first genuine synthetic gut in the world. The New Nylgut® assures:

  1. A better sound than Nylon or PVDF, similar to genuine gut strings;
  2. A more accurate fret intonation due to the well gauged material;
  3. A very stable intonation under moisture changes.

Aquila Strings Ukulele Red Series

Aquila’s Red® strings produce a lower-pitched note by changing the weight of the material rather than increasing its gauge.

By keeping the gauge thinner and more consistent, Red® strings sound brighter and more powerful, and are more responsive across the entire fretboard.

This also helps them stay in tune longer than thicker strings.

The textured brown/red Red® strings have a very rich tone with a very loud projection.


Aquila Lava Series Strings

Lava® strings were inspired by volcanos, a Hawaiian symbol of life, and are Aquila’s respectful homage to the Hawaiian people who helped make the ukulele famous worldwide.

The sandy-textured Lava® strings maintain the same mechanical and sound properties as the Super Nylgut® strings, but are a gray/black color instead of pearl white.


Aquila Super Nylgut® Ukulele Strings

Super Nylgut® strings are the upgraded version of Aquila’s New Nylgut® strings.

The smooth pearl white Super Nylgut® strings are stronger and less stretchy than New Nylgut® strings, settling to your desired tuning quicker and maintaining a stable tuning.

They offer a very rich, neutral tone with a very loud projection.


Aquila Sugar Strings

The Aquila Sugar Ukulele strings are made using a blend with a recently discovered plastic material that comes from sugar- cane.

With a transparent look, the sound of these strings is clearly brilliant, clean and prompt.Unlike the Fluorocarbon strings, these strings have an excellent vibrato and a significant timbre variation when playing very close to the bridge and then up on the sound hole. In other words, they contain in their extremes the sweetness and sing ability of Nylon and the clearness and promptness typical of Fluorocarbon.

An important property is the characteristic sustain, which by scientific measurements is superior to any type of string currently available in the market. Another feature checked is the sound projection: our scientific tests have shown that it is superior to that of the Fluorocarbon strings.

Although the surface is extremely smooth, the grip on the fingers is remarkable. The material is very clear and transparent similar to a crystal-glass.


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