Hosa Midi Cable -Black

MIDI Cable, 5-pin DIN to Same

Available in lengths from 3 to 25 feet.


Stedman SK-1 PureConnect Studio connector cleaning kit

The SK-1 connector cleaning kit is an ideal way to keep all studio and stage connectors free from noise and sounding the way they should.

The components included are all enclosed in this reusable box.

This kit includes:

  • (1)  Lifetime Aluminum Handle for 1/4" and XLR Cleaning tips
  • (5)  1/4" cleaning tips (for Guitar, Line and XLR-M Connectors
  • (10) 1/10" cleaning tips for XLR-F connectors
  • (5)  1-3/4" round cleaning pads for Male Connectors
  • (1)  2 ml tube of DeoxIT cleaning fluid.

This kit is the best way to keep all 1/4" and XLR male and female connectors working like new.


Hosa 1/4" TRS Headphone Extension Cable

Headphone Extension Cable

  • 1/4" TRS to 1/4" TRS
  • 25 ft Straight Cord

ART SplitMix4 4 Channel Passive Splitter/Mixer

The SPLITMix4 is a fully passive hybrid mixer that offers a wide variety of configurations. Mix 4 stereo input channels down to 1 stereo output, split a stereo input signal to distribute 4 stereo output channels, or combine the configurations for a wide range of applications. You can even configure the SPLITMix4 as 4 stereo input channels thru 4 independent level attenuators to 4 stereo output channels.

Independent stereo level controls are provided on each channel. All 1/4-inch connections are stereo TRS (Tip, Ring, Sleeve) and all channel connections have intelligent switching to allow for a wide variety of configurations. Plugging into a mix input channel removes it from the splitter bus, and plugging into a splitter output channel removes it from the mix bus. Stereo or mono operation is determined by the type of 1/4-inch plug and cabling that you use.

The fully passive design of the SPLITMix4 has no active circuitry to add noise or distortion, and virtually any signal level can be handled. The Level attenuators cover a wide range and offer over 90dB of attenuation and channel isolation. The SPLITMix4 is designed primarily as a line level device with medium input and output impedances.


  • SplitMix4
  • Owners Manual


  • Four Stereo Input Channels
  • Independent stereo level controls are provided on each channel
  • Over 90dB of Attenuation
  • Stereo Output
  • Passive Design (No Power Supply Required)


    • Frequency Response............20Hz – 20kHz, +/-1dB
    • Total Harmonic Distortion..........<0.005% @ 1kHz (typical)
    • Phase Shift...........................<10 degrees="" 20khz="" li="">
    • Input Impedance...............................25k -100k Ω
    • Ouput Impedance.................................1k – 4k Ω
    • Insertion Loss...........................12dB (typical)
    • Connectors..........................1/4-inch TRS stereo
    • Maximum Attenuation...................> 90dB (typical)
    • Channel Isolation.......................> 90dB (typical)
    • Power Requirements.....................None(Fully Passive)
    • Dimensions............................1.85″ x 4.6″ x 4.1″
    • Weight........................................0.84 lbs

Marshall Shockmount MXL-57

MXL-57 Black
Compatible with:
V67 Series, V69, 200629.95

PDB Passive Direct Box

The PDB™ Passive Direct Box is a rock solid, roadworthy DI for connection of the outputs of electronic musical instruments (or other audio sources) to the balanced inputs of mixer consoles and other balanced inputs.

The PDB™ also allows connection of a music source to an instrument amplifier while simultaneously patching it to a mixer.


PDB Applications:


Electric guitar and bass pick up output signals – The high impedance signal from a guitar or bass guitar pickup is translated by the PDB™ into a low impedance balanced signal required by mixing consoles.

Keyboards and line level signals – The PDB™ automatically balances and matches the line level outputs of modern electronic keyboards. If you are using a multiple keyboard setup and your keyboards are all plugged into a single instrument amplifier, the PDB™ can be used to replace individual direct boxes. Simply send the output of the instrument amplifier to the PDB™ and then to the console (instead of a separate DI box for each keyboard).

DJ console output signals – DJ mixers often supply only an unbalanced -10dB signal. The PDB™ converts this signal to a balanced line level signal before it reaches the console, while providing a convenient method of connector transition with the capability to run long cables.

Speaker level signals – The PDB’s ability to accept speaker level inputs from a power amplifier’s output allows post-amplifier, post eq and effects signals to be fed directly to the console. In this manner, a particular effect or amplifier sound can be sent directly to the mix.


  • ART PDB Passive Direct Box


  • Durable Metal Chasis
  • Switchable Input Attenuation
  • Ground Lift Switch
  • Transformer Isolated Output


  • Frequency Response 10Hz–50kHz +/- 0.5dB @ +4dBu
  • Output Connections.....................600Ω XLR
  • Ground Lift..........................Switchable
  • Input Attenuation Switchable (0dB, -20dB, -40dB)
  • Instrument Input.........................50k Ω
  • Parallel Link Jack.........................50k Ω
  • Dimensions..............................3″ x 5″ x 2″
$39.00 $49.00

AV Direct – Audio/Video Direct Box

The AV Direct is the ideal input solution for any application where stereo iPods, Laptop computers, consumer DVD players, Consumer HiFi equipment or video machines have to be connected to a single XLR microphone level input. Unlike standard gender bender cables or DI boxes, the AV Direct can accept virtually any input connection and output level (including amplified speaker outputs) and offers remote level control, ideal for setting the volume of your component at the source, rather than in and AV room, audio closet or installation rack.

The AV Direct has stereo RCA, 1/8th inch and 1/4-inch TRS line level inputs, as well as a 1/4-inch and bare wire pressure clip speaker level inputs. A switchable 4.8kHz high cut filter, ground lift and variable level control allow the AV Direct to effectively filter out any extraneous unwanted noise while offering variable volume control at source. The speaker level inputs are heavily padded and transformer isolated from the XLR output, allowing amplified speaker level (up to 100 watts @ 8 ohms) to be tapped off, and sent to a microphone level input. A 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response ensures the AV Direct will function seamlessly with any high quality audio source.


  • AV Direct
  • Owners Manual


  • Transformer isolated XLR microphone level output
  • Stereo RCA, 1/8th-inch & 1/4-inch TRS line level inputs
  • Variable Level Control
  • Ground Lift
  • 20 to 20,000Hz Frequency Response
  • 1/4-inch & Pressure Clip Speaker level inputs
  • Switchable 4.8kHz high cut filter
  • Balanced 150 ohm output


  • Frequency Response..........................20Hz to 20kHz +/-1dB
  • Line Level Inputs.......1/8 – inch TRS 1/4 – inch TRS, Stereo RCA
  • Other Inputs......1/4 – inch & Pressure post Speaker Level Inputs
  • Max Speaker Input..............................100 W rated @ 8 Ω
  • Output..............................................XLR balanced
  • Controls............Gain Control, Ground Lift, High – Cut Filter
  • Active or Passive.........................................Passive
  • Output Impedance.............................150 Ω nominal @ 1kHz
  • Dimensions.................................1.85″H x 4.6″W x 4.4″D
  • Weight 1.0 lb

Hosa Headphone Adaptor Cable, 3.5 mm TRS to 1/4 in TRS, 10 ft

This stereo extension cable is designed to extend the reach of hard-wired headphones and adapt a mini stereo phone plug to a stereo phone jack.

  • Nickel-plated contacts for rugged durability and efficient signal transfer
  • Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors for enhanced signal clarity
  • OFC spiral shield for effective EMI and RFI rejection and flexibility
  • Connector: 3.5 mm TRS to 1/4 in TRS
  • Headphone Adaptor Cable: 3.5 mm TRS to 1/4 in TRS
  • Length: 10 ft
$6.95 $10.50

Gooseneck Light GNL101

Gooseneck Lamp - for PowerMAX - 12V - Bayonet mount - w/ LED bulb

Telescoping Mic Boom ULTI-BOOM PRO


Ulti-Boom Series Microphone Boom Arm with Patented One-touch Adjustment, StableLock™ Telescoping Lever, and Die-Cast Counterweight - Telescoping Cassette tapes and black and white televisions have both given way to stamp-sized MP3 players and wall-sized widescreens.

It’s high time to throw your “vintage” microphone boom arms into the same waste pile you tossed your bell bottoms and the AMC Gremlin your parents drove in high school. Welcome to the Ulti-Boom Pro evolved boom arms. Welcome to the future.

One Knob To Rule Them All!

“Four Degrees of Freedom!” That’s how we affectionately describe our patented ball-in-joint boom arm clamp. With just one Z-Knob, you can take control of tilt (angle), pan (left to right), depth (toward or away from you), and rotation (twisting the mic one way or the other)! It’s quiet, easy, fast, and well, kinda fun!

Patented StableLock Lever

Never twist a dial again! Our StableLock™ lever is simply the fastest, most secure way to adjust the telescoping tube on a boom arm ever. Period. No, seriously. What’s more, the telescoping arm is a D-Tube (one side is flat) so the lever secures not only the depth, but the rotation of the arm too! We’ve effectively eradicated “drooping mic syndrome” forever! You’re welcome

Heavy-duty Counterweight

“Ulti-Boom Pro features a .65-pound die-cast zinc counterweight – not the cheesy, flimsy, plastic piece you see on all the other boom arms. Makes you wonder what exactly those are for...

Aluminum Tubing with Architectural Anodized Finish

The complete boom (mast and telescoping tube) use oversized, heavy-walled aluminum tubing for durability, functionality, and weight savings. What’s more, thanks to the architectural anodized finish (the same type of finish found on stadium bleachers), an Ulti-Boom will not rust or corrode and is 2x to 20x more durable than competing boom arm finishes.


  • One Knob To Rule Them All!
  • Patented StableLock Lever
  • Heavy-duty Counterweight
  • Aluminum Tubing with Architectural Anodized Finish


  • Part Name: Ulti-Boom-Pro-TB
  • Product Number: 17651
  • Boom Length: 20"-35" (508mm - 889mm)
  • Counterweight: .65 lbs. (.3 kg)
  • Weight: 1.95 lbs. (.9 kg)

Adjustable Tablet Mount for Mic Stands


The tablet tray is designed to be configured in landscape or portrait mode and can be maneuvered to fit any viewing angle. Pronged tray adjusts to fit iPad, iPad 2, and most other large format tablets.


Tablet mount easily threads onto most microphone stands. Perfect for using along with a boom arm for complicated or challenging setups that require creative use of space.



  • Adjusts To Fit iPad, iPad 2, & Most Other Large Format Tablets
  • Tray Can Be Configured In Landscape or Portrait Mode
  • Multi-Angle Viewing Adjustability
  • Fits up to Max Tablet size of 10" x 7.75"
  • Mount Threads Onto Most Microphone Stands
  • Lightweight Durable Construction




Color ID Caps for Shure BLX2 Handheld Transmitters

A kit of 5 ID caps in blue, green, yellow, white, and red.

Works with BLX2 Handheld Transmitters.

Model WA621


Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protectors

Protect your baby or toddler’s ears with the Alpine Muffy Baby. Children’s hearing can be damaged easily. And noise is harmful sooner than you think.

The Alpine Muffy Baby ear protector prevents damage to even the smallest ears.

For example, for parties, outings, festivals, fairs, fireworks and car and motorcycle races.


Unique product specifications

  • Protects babies and toddlers against harmful noise and loud music
  • Suitable for babies and toddlers from 3 to 36 months
  • Prevents overstimulation from noise and assists with undisturbed sleeping on the move
  • Simple to adjust and always fits
  • Very comfortable thanks to the elastic headband
  • Creates no pressure on the head
  • The only safe CE-marked baby ear protector in Europe
  • Available in two colours
  • Supplied with two head bands as standard
  • Headband can be easily detached for washing
  • Does not contain any metal parts (and can therefore also be used during MRI-scans)
  • With handy Protect&Go storage bag

Shure A25D Mic Clip

Break Resistant Stand Adapter for SM58, SM57, SM86, SM87A, BETA87A, BETA87C and all other 3/4" and Larger Handles


Mightymic's Ukulele Hanger

Our Ukulele hangers are hand-made in Indiana's Amish country.

Slip one loop around the top tuning peg on each side, then hang your uke from a convenient peg or nail!


Conquest Balanced TRS-TRS Cables

  • Conquest S2B custom design 2 conductor shielded wire
  • Standard lengths: 3’, 6’, 10’, 15’, 20, 25’, 30’, 50’

Kala Klipz Tuner

Kala Klipz tuners are precise quality tuners that get you in tune and help you stay there. 

  • Settings: Chromatic 12 Note, Ukulele( Key C), Ukulele ( Key D)
  • Range: A0 (27.5hz) to C8 (4186hz)
  • Tolerance: +/- .5 cent
  • Dimensions: 45.8mm x 35.8mm x 40.5mm
  • Weight: 24g
  • Signal received by vibration via clip
  • Power Supply: 1 - CR2032 battery (included)

Aquila Sugar Strings

The Aquila Sugar Ukulele strings are made using a blend with a recently discovered plastic material that comes from sugar- cane.

With a transparent look, the sound of these strings is clearly brilliant, clean and prompt.Unlike the Fluorocarbon strings, these strings have an excellent vibrato and a significant timbre variation when playing very close to the bridge and then up on the sound hole. In other words, they contain in their extremes the sweetness and sing ability of Nylon and the clearness and promptness typical of Fluorocarbon.

An important property is the characteristic sustain, which by scientific measurements is superior to any type of string currently available in the market. Another feature checked is the sound projection: our scientific tests have shown that it is superior to that of the Fluorocarbon strings.

Although the surface is extremely smooth, the grip on the fingers is remarkable. The material is very clear and transparent similar to a crystal-glass.


Apex Studio Microphone Cradle Shockmount

IMC-3  Universal Cradel Mount


Studio style microphone shockmount in Low reflectivity black finish.
Perfect for virtually any medium sized side-address studio microphone including Apex415, Apex435, Apex460 etc.

Apex All Metal Studio Microphone Pop Filter MWS-55

MWS-55  5" Metal Pop Filter
Deluxe, 5-inch studio microphone pop filter with metal grille, flexible gooseneck and versatile c-clamp stand mount mechanism.




Model # - TL7M 6'

TL wire - Wired pin 3 hotNeutrik 1/8” plugSwitchcraft XLR male
Pin 2 hot 


Ebtech Hum X Hum Eliminator


Ground Hum is the enemy of installers, contractors, sound engineers & musicians alike. Ground Loop Hum can be very hard to get rid of since it does not follow any set rules. Ground lift adapters (which are one common way around Ground Hum) are not safe!

The Hum XTM filters out unwanted low voltage from the ground line that causes hum and buzz while maintaining the ground. Simply place the Hum XTM on the end of the power cord of the equipment that has (or is creating) ground loop hum plug the Hum XTM into the wall outlet. Ground Loop is gone and audio signal remains intact. Easy to use, easy to install and completely effective!

Model Hum X

Suitable for use on any grounded 120V outlet

Max Current: 6 Amp


Gator Desk Mounting Articulating Arm

  • Mounts to Any Gator "ARM" Case, or Any Table Top Surface
  • Easily Adjustable in 6 Directions. 360 Degree Horizontal Adjustment
  • Tray included that can accommodate laptops and IPAD style tablets
  • VESA Mount for VESA monitors up to 22 inches
  • Durable Easy Install Design
  • Heavy Duty Table Clamp included
  • Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty

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