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First Fridays August 2017 Ableton Live Demonstration

Posted by Phil Miller on

Music Production:  Ableton Live Workshop Sound Designer, Michele Darling, a Goshen native based in DC, will be demonstrating the music software Ableton Live in our August First Friday event at A/V Tech.   Live is widely used in music production and has a unique approach that has changed the way music is made today. Throughout the evening, Michele will go over the basics of the program; beat making, songwriting, and arrangement. Whether you are interested in producing pop, hip hop, trap, techno, house, DnB, funk, singer/songwriter style, or your own blend, this workshop is open for all types of styles...

MightyMics Welcomes Shure To The Lineup

Posted by Phil Miller on

Shure. When I hear that name I think about enduring quality. The SM58 was one of the first microphones I ever used as we trekked our small music theatre group around the midwest. We were fanatics about taking care of our equipment, but accidents do happen. The Shure products survived our ventures and our mishaps. I wish I had those old mics in my collection, I wonder where they went.But we have a stack of new product in our warehouse. Call us up and you can start your string of fond Shure memories.We're tickled to announce that we have added...

Reviewing CAD's new MH510 Headset

Posted by Phil Miller on

SPOILER ALERT... we love these new headsets! I would recommend you waist no time and just click the order link below. If you want a more in-depth review that's ok with us, but seriously just order the headsets and then come back to read the review while you wait for them to arrive! MightyMics has been a CAD Audio dealer for years, and we have grown to appreciate the products offered by CAD Audio, and the incredible value they offer.  We've been listening to the guys at CAD Audio for months as they promised us a new breakthrough in their product line...

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